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Dinosaur ‘fossils’

My mum and I went to a community course many many moons ago to make salt dough creations and I remember having great fun. So when I was trying to work out a way to do dinosaur ‘fossil’ imprints I thought – salt dough!

It’s super easy to make and fun to play with. All you need is 300 g flour, 200 ml water and 300 g salt. Mix it all up, roll it out and go for it!

Master D got a slab of the dough and using his mini dinosaur toys made ‘fossil’ imprints. Next we used a dinosaur cookie cutter to make larger t-rex outlines (we tried using it properly but the hands and tail kept breaking).

Since we had extra salt dough I couldn’t resist doing Little Miss Q’s foot and hand print 🙂 And she was a very obliging model. Then we popped our creations in the oven at 180° for around 30 minutes.

The next day we got painting – using pva paint (1 part pva glue and 2 parts poster paint). Here are our results:

We might keep this in mind for Christmas decorations too! And here is one of Master D’s paintings using his mini dinos as paint brushes:

After this he painted his arms green to ‘go dino’!

Thanks for reading, Kelly