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How to make a rainbow peg doll

Sometimes I need to remind myself to keep it simple when it comes to crafts. I get all excited thinking about little hats, clothes, wings, not to mention adding in some paint here and there. Keeping it simple can be so very lovely though. And sometimes simple means finding the time to craft amid everything else.

To make a simple rainbow peg doll I used:

My daughter crafted alongside me, painting her own little peg doll. While I painted a rainbow on mine.

We chose some felt for our wings and I cut out a simple wing shape.

I sewed some thread along the middle of the wings, then wrapped it around the neck of the peg doll twice. Stitching into the felt each time I went around. We added a little glue to hold the wings against the back of the peg dolls.

Finished and ready for play!

 Warmly, Kelly

Simple peg dolls


I’ve been on a little Winter hiatus
recharging, taking stock and steadying myself
Taking some time to craft and create…
And finding that creativity is food for the soul
Watching my little creations… take a walk as soon as they exist
disappearing into play


How have you been lately?

Warmly, Kelly