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The Balloon Tree


Coming together in a circle of women to create and share is a special thing.

Two weekends ago, that is what I did.


We sat circling the most luscious collection of wool. The colours, textures and scent enticed us.

And there I discovered the – so very addictive – art of needlefelting tapestries.


We were guided by lovely Waldorf artisan Mary Hirsch-Jones.

Mary has been touring this wonderful country of ours, teaching groups of women how to make weighted Waldorf dolls, create felt tapestries and more!


Mary supplied us with a hessian rice pack to work on, which was a lovely change to the usual foam.

She poured delightful wool into the center of our circle, enticing us with the colours and textures. So much beautiful fibre to choose from!


With me, was my somewhat battered copy of the storybook, The Balloon Tree by Phoebe Gilman.

A story my mother read to me as a child, and which I now read to my children.


The Balloon Tree is a story of hope and overcoming adversary.

Moon balloon, moon balloon, tickle the tree

Four balloons, more balloons, blossom for me


As I chose fibre and started laying it and felting it into place, I held the story and illustrations in my mind. Slowly building the tree up out of the tapestry.

Before the beautiful balloons bloomed out, a riot of rainbow colour.


I will be felting more pictures I am sure. What a special day and a special craft to learn

Blessings, Kelly









A peg doll necklace

peg dollsThis is a sponsored post

While I helped Teddy go to sleep the other day, Ruby pored over the inspiring book Making Peg Dolls & More.

Every couple of minutes I would hear her exclaim about something so cute that she wanted to make *grin*

Ruby with her peg doll

She helped find the materials she needed. The peg dolls, the paint, the glitter {oh my, this girl loves glitter}.

Then she set down to work. Chattering away as she went.

looking in the peg doll book

Later, Ruby beamed up at me as she said ‘I made it all by myself’.

And so she did {well almost}. A sweet peg doll necklace for a sweet friend of hers.

painting peg dolls

She chose yellow paint, pink wings and silver glitter. Finished with a pretty green ribbon to turn her peg doll into a necklace.

Do you think she’ll wear this often? She asked me, as she tilted her head to the side. It is very beautiful, she said.

peg doll glitter

Oh this girl, she makes my heart melt.

And I see many, many more days of crafting together ahead of us. And many, many peg dolls in our home *grin*

Rubys peg doll

And we won’t run out of inspiration with all the gorgeous ideas from Margaret Bloom’s book Making Peg Dolls & More.

{and if you pop over to Honeybee Toys you can purchase Making Peg Dolls & More together with wooden finger puppets and receive 10% off both until 30 March. Use discount code “peg0216”}

Making peg dolls book

With such beautifully photographed and easy to follow tutorials, Margaret Bloom truly is the queen of the peg dolls <3

And you can find more tutorials on Margaret’s blog, We Bloom Here.

Happy crafting, Kelly