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Welcome to Happy Whimsical Hearts!

My name is Kelly, and I am an Australian mum to three sweet children.


I aim to fill their childhood with magic and provide scope for the imagination {Anne of Green Gables is my favourite childhood story}. And we are a happily Waldorf inspired family *smile*

So here on Happy Whimsical Hearts you will find ~

Waldorf inspiration  arts & crafts for the whole family  simple recipes  ♥ imaginative play  ♥ our urban homesteading adventures  parenting reflections  ♥ and the occasional pattern and tutorial

…as well as a smattering of other bits and pieces from our days *smile*

I hope you enjoy your visit and love to hear your thoughts! I might not always have time to reply to your comments, but I always read them!

Blessings, Kelly


P.s you can also see snippets of our days on Facebook and Instagram ?


I look forward to hearing from you

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