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Making our home

Weekends in the garden


The last few weekends have been lovely.

The air has warmed and the sunshine lures us into the garden. It’s lovely watching everything slowly coming back to life after Winter.



Jason has been busy. He has built me three big vegetable garden beds.

And this last weekend he built a compost in the corner of the backyard. Near the chickens and new vegetable beds.

He has also worked out a way to build without me holding the wood.

I’m a bit unreliable because my mind drifts and so does the wood. So we are both thankful for clamps!



Teddy had his own tools and follows Jason around as he works.

While Max comes and goes, as different things in the backyard catch his attention. He is a lad on the move that one!

And Ruby jumps on the trampoline, makes fairies houses and mudpies.



With the new vegetable gardens built, I had the itch to fill them straight away.

So far I’ve planted spring onions, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, asparagus spears and artichoke.

And I have a big list of what will come next. Zucchinis, cucumber, capsicum, rhubarb to name a few. The children all have requests too, pumpkin, watermelon. All the big things.

We’ve also extended our strawberry patch along a rock wall and I am hoping some strawberries might even make it inside this year!

I’m thinking of adding one more blueberry bush near the other two. Then I will have a nice little blueberry corner.



You can see more our garden here. And our chickens here.

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Blessings, Kelly






The illusion of my tidy home

play stands

Some days I feel like it is a mere illusion that my home looks like this.

Because my reality, living with three children and being a working mama, means it does not always look this way. Not by a long shot.

play area

I think this might be why I hold onto these images in my mind and with my camera.

To celebrate the beauty of what can be. And these spaces can be beautiful. Especially when little imaginations bring them to life.

play kitchen reorganised

It is in the aftermath that they lose some of this lovely shine. And sometimes even a cleaning song doesn’t work enough magic to bring it back.

Throw some illness into the mix and it takes many a cleaning song to work that magic!

play area new

So can I tell you a secret? *shhh*

How I manage when it gets all a bit too much?

playing in our home

Once the children are in bed, I watch a good television show. And each ad break I pause the television and clean a room.

I start small. Often with our entrance way. Putting the shoes away in the shoe rack. Hats in the hat basket and so on.

dress ups

And I slowly move through the main areas of our home. The dining room, lounge room and kitchen.

Until I can breathe again.

toys for playgroup-Recovered

So tell me, how do you manage?

??? I also use parenting mantras to help myself, you can read about them here ???

Blessings, Kelly