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Happy Whimsical Hearts is a labour of love for me. It is a space where I share about my Waldorf inspired home and family, and hope to provide scope for the imagination!

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A sponsored post for Honeybee Toys

My son and daughter attend our local Waldorf school and I run a Waldorf inspired playgroup. My children and I love to garden, craft, bake and play. Making a beautiful and nurturing environment is important to me and my husband. And through my blog I hope to inspire and introduce readers to the wonderful world that is ‘Waldorf’.

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My readers regularly seek information about Waldorf toys, shops, books and stories, craft materials and ideas. And I am interested in connecting them with beautiful natural toys and other products that are in keeping with my values.

Wish Soup and other seasonal tales

A sponsored post for Gold Blossom Books

I offer a limited number of sponsorship packages and advertisement space.

On this page I share three examples of the style of sponsored post that I write. If you would like to know more, please get in touch!



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