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Vists from the tooth fairy


Max has worked out the secret of the tooth fairy. How did that happen so soon!

Well it happened because Max lost his tooth after very little wiggling, quietly placed it in his tooth fairy pocket and waited for the tooth fairy to come.


Since Jason and I had no idea a tooth had been lost, there was a sad boy in our home the next morning. And before long he had joined the dots about what this all meant.

So now he is in on the secret for his brother and sister, and I think in a way that makes it even more exciting.


It has had me realise that for Ruby I need to keep her tooth fairy pocket packed away and only hang it out when a tooth is residing in the little pocket.

The trouble is that I adore Max’ tooth fairy pocket so much, that it has been hanging as a piece of art on his wall for sometime now.


His lovely tooth fairy pocket (blue with a golden spiral), made by a wonderfully crafty friend Ronnie inspired me to make a similar tooth fairy pocket for Ruby (the rainbow).

Both pockets are around the size of a breakfast bowl. They have a special pocket to hold recently lost teeth and a felted tooth fairy showing the way to the *real tooth fairy*


And the *real tooth fairy* will make its appearance as long as it knows to!

The tooth fairy that visits these parts leaves the shiniest gold coin it can find.

We’ve found that such a gold coin and the sweet innocent idea of the tooth fairy to be magic enough. Well, if the tooth fairy comes that is!


You can see my other felted piece here and I will soon share a felted story apron too (here is a sneak peak).

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Blessings, Kelly






Setting my parenting intentions


Mondays have been a special day for me.

A day on which I have opened my home and invited lovely, like-minded parents to share in a beautiful Waldorf inspired playgroup.

And in so doing, I have set my parenting intentions for the week ahead.


My parenting intentions are to be kind, respectful and gentle with my children.

To guide them with love and understanding.


And my resolve to parent this way has been strengthened and supported by sharing playgroup with my lovely playgroup families.

I notice how they parent their children with kindness and understanding. I see them guide their children with respect and gentleness.


And by noticing their parenting and how they approach different situations, I remind myself of how I would like to respond to my children.

It helps me to see different ways to help my children. To see where I can step back. To see where I could practice more patience.

And this is the beauty of a group like this. It helps me to strive to be the parent I want to be.


And as I held my last playgroup this week, it was with some sadness to be closing this chapter. I’ve loved these Mondays.

But I will take with me what I have learnt, as we find our new Monday rhythm. A rhythm that balances with my days outside the home at work.


You can read more about my Waldorf playgroup journey here and here.

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Blessings, Kelly