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A Winter Tale

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There is so much to love about our parent-led Waldorf playgroup, but I think the most magical part is when the story is told.

The children know it is time to make their way inside, after playing boisterously in the fresh air, when they hear us sing

puppet show is in the town, everybody gather round



They choose their seat, from toadstool cushions or little chairs. Then wait eagerly to see the puppet show revealed from beneath a playsilk. And our wonderful storyteller entrances them by singing

Mother of the fairy tale, take me by your silver hand. Sail me on your silver boat, sail me silently afloat. Mother of the fairy tale, take me to your shining land

The same story is told for at least three weeks. The children love the repetition and tell us if anything is different *grin*

And this week something was different!

playgroup story

king winter

The children had heard the lovely Australian adaption of A Winter Tale twice before and already knew it well ~ I think the Australian sprigs of leaves spoke to them. And the lovely kangaroo, wombat and kookaburra felt familiar.

And this week they were asked to help tell the story.

My daughter looked after the kangaroo, another little girl flew the kookaburra and their little friend helped the wombat find his way. And the bigger boys helped lead King Winter to the cave, where one of them had the very exciting task of bringing the fireflies to life {magical fairy lights beneath a playsilk cave ~ so magical!}


You should have seen their little beaming faces!

And so, for the third telling of each story, they will be asked to help. I can’t wait and I know they will adore being part of the story telling

Happy days, Kelly