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Aussie Activities for kids

10 Aussie Activities for Kids!

1# get messy with Aboriginal dot painting
What kids don’t love painting with their fingers!?
Add a fun Australian outline and let them go for it!
2# make a didgeridoo
Decorate your own instrument…
…and then make some music!
3# create your own Australian flag
Have fun cutting out different shapes and putting them together!
4# bake some Anzac slice
This is an interesting twist on the classic Anzac biscuits!
Anzacs were made to send to the Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
5# dress like an Aussie with an Acubra hat
Add some dangling pegs or the traditional corks to keep flies away!
6# get arty with Eucalyptus bark paintings
Use your natural environment when painting *smile*
If you don’t have a gum tree in your backyard use leaves or bark from your local trees
This is a seriously hilarious and fun activity to try out!
And you won’t believe that a koala makes this noise!!
{Thanks Wildlife Fun 4 Kids
8# explore an echidna sensory tub
Get some dirt, leaves and rocks ready for a homemade echidna to enjoy!
Just watch those spikes *smile*
9# cook some Aussie damper
Wrap your dough around a stick, or wrap it in foil, before cooking it over an open fire
Enjoy warm with honey or jam *smile*
10# put together an Australia pack
We joined the World Wide Culture Swap
… and had great fun finding Aussie things to share
Warmly, Kelly