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Marble painting for baby and boy

Recently Little Miss Q had fun marble painting!

I used a plastic takeaway container to put in a piece of paper, a few marbles and some drops of paint. Once the lid was on she happily shook it around, threw it on the floor and otherwise ‘painted’ with it.

Master D also got in on the action, using the more conventional methods. And because he loves mixing colours he really enjoyed rolling the marbles and seeing the colours mingle.

We now have some great wrapping paper!

Happy painting, Kelly

Aussie painting & baby’s painting debut

On Thursday we celebrated Australia Day! So for painting day this week we tried aboriginal dot painting.

I traced a kangaroo for Master D to use and gave him some washable finger paint. Before he started we looked at different photos of aboriginal art for inspiration.

Master D enjoyed the feel of the paint on his fingers and before long he started mixing the colours together. Painting with his hands and mixing the colours seem to be his favourite parts of painting!

It was also Little Miss Q’s painting debut – she tried finger painting!! Little Miss Q is now 7 months and I was inspired by Happy Little Munchkins (a fellow Aussie blogging mum) to give it a go 🙂

I was surprised at how fun it was for Little Miss Q… and the clean-up wasn’t as terrible as expected either. I was able to easily wipe away the washable paint.

Mind you, she did try eating her painting midway through (what is it about paper for her!)

Happy painting, Kelly