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Toys for babes

For sweet little handmade wooden toys you wouldn’t believe I broke 3 blades on the scroll saw in their creation would you?! All the same I think they will be played with happily, chewed and thrown around by a little one in the near future *smile*

And, I’ve already got a menagerie of other animals ready to emerge shortly 🙂

Otherwise, I am slowly knitting up a donsy of soft cuddly gnomies for little hands to grab, cuddle and hold (using this pattern).

Also, Husband of Mine has requested a viking hat and beard for his birthday (which is, eek! next week) ~ any suggestions on patterns (that are quick!)?

Joining in the fun at Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on} at Frontier Dreams.

Warmly, Kelly

Bread Dangles

We’ve been making bread dangles! ‘Bread dangles?’ you say…

We used our cookie cutters to cut some shapes from fresh bread (fresh is best).

Then used a chopstick to poke a hole at the top and bottom of our shapes. We popped our shapes on a rack to dry out overnight.

The next day we painted them using PVA glue mixed with acrylic paint (we used 1:1 ratio). It’s best to try to paint them all over.

We strung ours up on this great branch that Master D collected – don’t they look wonderful!

 And hung them above Little Miss Q’s cot. We love our bread dangles!! 

Happy crafting, Kelly