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Star garland for the birds

We have been wanting to make a bird feeder for a while now…
And then we saw a lovely and simple way to do it on Homemade Happy!
{Homemade Happy is a lovely blog with wonderfully inspiring treasures to make with or for your kids!}
Dino Boy loved spreading peanut butter on our bread stars
{and quite a bit went in the mouth too!}
For great instructions on making simple and lovely bird feeders pop over to Homemade Happy *smile*
{and yes, that is some ‘art work’ on the wall behind Dino Boy…mmmm}

Who needs a spoon!? 
Dino Boy wanted to sample the bird seed too… 
But because I wasn’t sure about all the seeds we gave it a miss…

Waiting for the birds to visit *smile*
Happy crafting, Kelly