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Waldorf playgroup

My family’s weekly rhythm starts with playgroup at our Waldorf school.
The school is set on a hill amongst bushland and going there helps set the tone for our week *smile*

Our playgroup rhythm starts with the children shaping bread dough ready for baking…

We knead the bread,
We roll the bread,

We bake it in the oven.

The children then enjoy indoor free play.
Putting on gnome hats with jingly bells, setting up farm or fishing for felt fish…
After tidying up, the smell of the baked bread draws us close to enjoy morning tea…
Our playgroup leader captivates the childrens’ attention by a simple rhythmic shake of the match box, before striking a match and lighting our candle.

Blessings on the blossom
Blessings on the fruit
Blessings on the leaf and stem
Blessings on the root

Once we are refreshed we sing some songs and rhymes….

I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda the Kangaroo.
I have two floppy ears and two paws, how do you do?
Two paws, how do you do?
I have a long tail and two flat feet
And I like to play where the grass is juicy and sweet.
I’m Bounda, I’m Bounda. I’m Bounda the Kangaroo.

The fresh air then beckons us to enjoy some time outside.

There is a giant sandpit and muffin tins ready for baking lovely sand muffins *smile*

Playgroup winds down with a puppet story.
I feel blessed watching the little faces light up with anticipation and joy as the story scene is uncovered.

Goodbye now, goodbye now,
We leave you now and home we go,
Goodbye now, goodbye now,
Goodbye to all of you

Warmly, Kelly