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Beautiful bedtime books


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Teddy likes to bring me his favourite books. He climbs up into my lap and I read to him.

We look at the lovely illustrations and he points at all the pictures.

Here are some of our current bedtime favourites. They are beautiful books that share a love of life, family and the world around us ?

Kissed by the Moon, by Alison Lester

This is such a sweet book about a mama’s love.

It is about the small sweet things in life, that we hope our little ones will see and appreciate.

And each time Teddy spots a picture of the moon, he says happily, ‘Moon! Moon!’

On the day you were born, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks

This is Teddy’s favourite book at the moment. He brings it to me many times through the day. And I can see why he loves it.

It is about the beautiful love a father feels for his new baby, and the wondrous things he wishes to share about this life.

My daddy said, On the day you were born, I wrapped you up warm and took you for a walk to see the world’

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey by Emily Winfield Martin

Ruby and I have been reading this sweet whimsical story at bedtime a lot lately.

It is about the beautiful and magic dream journey we take through the night.

The illustrations are gorgeous and transport us to the dream world.

My Mama Earth, by Susan B Katz and Melissa Launay

This beautifully paced story is about the wondrous things Mother Earth does.

‘My mama hangs the moon for me. She puts it low so I can see

The illustrations celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

Our wishlist

I thought I would also share some of the books that are on our wishlist.

The first is You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey and Soyeon Kin. This book tells of how we are all part of nature. We can’t wait to read it!

The second is The Wonderful Things You Will Be, by Emily Winfield Martin. This story celebrates ‘dreams, acceptance, and love the parents have for their children’. It sounds just lovely.

Stars and moon and sun, now our story is done ?

What books are you reading at the moment?

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Happy storytelling, Kelly











A Waldorf book review ~ Wish Soup

Wish Soup and other seasonal tales

{This is a sponsored post in which my honest opinion is shared}

Wish Soup has captivated the hearts and minds of my little people.

Each evening as I sing ‘It’s time to tell a story, a story, a story. It’s time to tell a story and get ready for bed’, they happily call out ‘Wish Soup, Wish Soup please mum!’

The Rosewood Sword

Wish Soup is a beautifully imagined seasonal treasury which has been magically written by Rachel Larmer and warmly illustrated by Jo Lory.

With a lovely Australian backdrop, romantic illustrations, and wonderfully Waldorf inspired stories we quite simply adore Wish Soup!

And each evening, we eagerly anticipate where the next story might take us. Three magical and enticing adventures bring each season to life.

Ruby reading Wish Soup

So far we have followed Matilda and Peppercorn into the forest where they met Lady Spring and saved the bees. Learned a valuable lesson in the title story, Wish Soup about listening to our inner voice and the power of wishes…

Sophie’s grandmother led her up the wooden stairs by the golden glow of a candle. Giving Sophie a soft kiss, she tucked her snugly under the blankets. “You know, when I was a girl, I used to make wishes,” she said, pulling back the curtains. A single star shone softly against the night sky. “Did they ever come true?” Sophie asked. “Sometimes,” her grandmother replied.

Wish Soup in the candlelight

We have dreamed about mermaid’s treasure on a hot night with little Imogen. And visited the fairies and elves on the banks of Lemon Myrtle Creek…

Tristan waited, looking up at the castle with a sense of wonder. Never did he expect his day to be filled with such surprise! Finally the door opened, and the King and Queen of the Fairies appeared. Each wore a crown woven out of branches, covered in sparkling jewels. Tristan bowed down on his knee, lost for words.

Wish Soup in the book nook

Wish Soup is a treasury of sweet, magical and gentle stories that still answer the need for adventure that children (and adults) have.

It is fair to say it has found a place in our hearts, as well as our book nook *wink*

Wish Soup

Happy reading, Kelly