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Happy lil ❤’s are baking #5

Did you bake with your little ones this week? Or let them bake on their own?

Below is a linky list to join in the fun and start sharing what you bake with your children so we can inspire each other. Family favourites, new recipes, traditional or cultural recipes – you name it, we’d like to read about them and if you include the details, try them out 🙂

 This week we made bread rolls! 
I’ve been wanting to try bread for ages, so when I read Bending Birches’ recipe for Grandma bread I knew it was time 🙂 (I admit I’d been a bit nervous about trying a proper bread…)
For the recipe head over to Bending Birches (it’s a beautiful blog so I’m sure you will enjoy your visit).
Master D enjoyed measuring and pouring the ingredients…
Mixing them up…
And after it was all mixed and kneaded we set it aside for the yeast to work it’s magic! The next day we played with the dough, getting it ready to bake…
I even gave some to Little Miss Q. She sat there looking at it as if to say ‘and what am I suppose to do with this?!‘  
After they played with the dough I prepared rolls and popped them in to bake. We enjoyed them warm from the oven with butter and honey ~ delicious!
Master D is enjoying baking so much, that every time I go in the kitchen he asks ‘what are we making?’ ❤ He has even started helping make dinner each night – I’m so thrilled he loves helping like this!
We can’t wait to see what you are baking!

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Happy baking, Kelly

Bread Dangles

We’ve been making bread dangles! ‘Bread dangles?’ you say…

We used our cookie cutters to cut some shapes from fresh bread (fresh is best).

Then used a chopstick to poke a hole at the top and bottom of our shapes. We popped our shapes on a rack to dry out overnight.

The next day we painted them using PVA glue mixed with acrylic paint (we used 1:1 ratio). It’s best to try to paint them all over.

We strung ours up on this great branch that Master D collected – don’t they look wonderful!

 And hung them above Little Miss Q’s cot. We love our bread dangles!! 

Happy crafting, Kelly