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Happy Family Times ~ Climbing Trees

Have you done something fun with your family? 

Carrie from Crafty Moms Share and I host  ~ Happy Family Times ~ so we can all share fun family ideas and hopefully inspire each other! So if you all danced one night, went for a walk, or enjoyed a special outing please link it up!

 Dino Boy has discovered the joy of tree climbing!

 While I was washing some clothes… {a chore that never ends}

he called out that I should come see the koala in the tree *hee hee*

He was super excited and proud *smile* 

My brothers and I lived in trees when we were growing up {well nearly!}
We were lucky enough to live in front of a pine forest and oh, the fun we had in that forest!!

The trees in our little backyard are not great climbing trees however…
and Dino Boy was soon asking to find trees that he could climb higher

Luckily we were heading out for a playdate and were able to look for climbing trees on the way

And just close to our friend’s home there were some great climbing trees!!

Dino Boy’s friend Little Miss M joined in the fun *smile*

Next time Little Miss Q will have to have a turn!

 I’m so glad that Dino Boy found this fun on his own ~ what a wonderful discovery for him to have made!

We can’t wait to see what your family has been doing!

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Warmly, Kelly