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crayon and oil



Candle light is so soft, calming and beautiful…
 And recently we learnt a new way to make luminaries at our Waldorf playgroup
Dino Boy and I enjoyed the process, so we decided to try it at home *smile*



 Using wax crayons we coloured in some sheets of watercolour paper… aiming to fill the page
Little Miss Q helped too…
She loves crayons and I often find her walking around the house with them clutched tightly in her hands!
Next we painted olive oil over the coloured watercolour pages…making sure to cover them well
Then we hung them up to dry for a couple of days
It is amazing how the oil makes the paper semi translucent… ready for light to shine though!



 Finally we used a hot glue gun to turn the coloured and oiled paper into luminaries
{I also used pegs to hold the ends together}



Aren’t they pretty sitting around a candle in a glass jar *smile*

Happy crafting, Kelly