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Beeswax ‘echidnas’

Yesterday morning was quite humid so we played outside in the fresh air. Master D’s crystal monkeys (we made crystals on pipe cleaners and for some reason they are now monkeys!) and gnome had tree climbing adventures 🙂

After a while he drifted back over to where I’d been making some gnomes, and near where Little Miss Q was lying on her blanket looking at our springtime blooms. There he discovered some beeswax I’d left out to soften.

We both worked the wax in our hands, enjoying the warm feel and honey scent. His beeswax then turned into a sun egg (we’ve been reading The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskow), before turning into the sun.

The other wax became an ‘echidna’ – ‘this one is the daddy one with a big spiky tail!’

Not long afterwards a great storm came over and we sat under the patio and watched!

Thanks for reading, Kelly