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A new cubby house without the price tag


I was a bit cheeky, or forward, a little while ago. I asked my parents and parents-in-law for money (that even feels wrong to write!).


cuy slide

A cubby house was on our wish list for the kids, and I spotted a lovely secondhand one on Gumtree. So I decided to do it. I was going to ask for money.  Because there are those bigger gifts that can seem out of reach.

cubby house


I sent a photo of the cubby house to each of the grandparents asking if they would like to help us buy the cubby house for the kids. I said it could be their gift to the kids for their birthdays for the year.

And happily each of them agreed! So we were able to get our ‘new to us’ cubby house without the price tag!

cubby house1

And it has me thinking, ‘group gifting’ for bigger items is a wonderful way to be able to give the gifts that are out of reach on our own. It also makes it easier for grandparents who want to give something special, but perhaps are not sure what that special thing is. It also allows parents to encourage the kinds of gifts they would prefer in their home. Pretty great huh!

Does your family give together?

Warmly, Kelly

At play… in the cubby house

It’s done, it’s done ~ right down to the little details {well mostly…}
There are cushions to sit on…
A teapot at the ready…
A ‘door bell’ made from little bells hanging near the doorway


Sometimes the space transforms into our own little tea house
…with wonderful service {if you don’t mind a wait!}
And other days it is some kind of castle… and Dino Boy is my knight 
In fact, this week he even dug a moat around the base
~ nice & muddy ~

{My poor hellebores are feeling a little sad from the rough treatment!}
And Little Miss Q was not a fan ~ construction occurred while she was up in the cubby house… 
so she got a bit of a muddy wet surprise when she went to fill up the tea pot!
Luckily mama came to the rescue *smile*
The cubby house is also a wonderful weapon tower 
{it would seem} 
and all manner of weaponry can be discovered there 
…think green waste turned into swords *wink*

And sometimes I am {apparently} the wicked witch
who has locked them in the tower!
*happy sigh*
with imaginations in full flight!

Happy days,