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What day is it tomorrow?

 At the end of each day Dino Boy asks…
what day is it tomorrow?


Is it Mama Day… when we craft or bake and play outside


  Is it a school day ~ otherwise known as bread day or muffin day…



Is it Nana-ma day… a day of treats and tv…
Or is it Nana {and Captain P} day… a day of outside play, lego and babychinos?



It makes me smile, happy that his days are defined by the people who love and care for him

What day is it tomorrow?

Starting preschool

Dino Boy started preschool this week.
But where have the years gone… my little boy…. big enough for preschool!

His first fluttering of his wings and before I know it, he will be fully fledged

We bought his school bag {a dino one of course} and hat…
I planned what to pack for his lunches {using wonderful reusable ‘packaging’ from a lovely blogging friend}
{not these ones, but similar!}
I made his indoor slippers to keep his toes warm and snug {using this pattern}
And the day before he started… when he was a little worried we drove over to his preschool to acquaint ourselves and explore
His lovely teacher welcomed us to the classroom and he wandered about, touching this and that moving faster and faster ~ alive to the excitement of change
And on the morning of his first day the moment he woke… he asked if we could go yet *smile*
As we walked down the path to his classroom his little hand slipped from mine. And he turned excitedly to the child walking near us
Hello! What’s your name? Are you in my class?
And clasping her hand they ran down the path
We watched them flitter around the beautiful play garden
~ Excitement and happiness ~
And as his teacher drew them all inwards he hastened to join them
Only at the last, turning to his dad and I…with a smile

Bittersweet… happy days