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10 dinosaur activities for kids

If you pop by Happy Whimsical Hearts occasionally you probably know…
…Dino Boy loves dinosaurs!
So here is our very own round up of dinosaur activities *smile*

#1 dinosaur mud cakes

#2 making dinosaur fossils

#3 hunting for dinosaurs

#4 baking dinosaur imprint biscuits

#5 dinosaur hands

#6 dinosaur land {small world play}

#7 dinosaur egg hunt

#8 making dinosaur candles

#9 dinosaur birthday cake

#10 dinosaur t-shirt painting
And here are some on our to-do list


Baking dinosaur eggs

 Dino Boy and I made dinosaur eggs for our hunt the other day *smile*
{inspired by the recipe at Sew Can Do}
We used:
a cup of flour
1/3 cup salt
1/3 cup sand
1/2 cup mud
1/2 cup water
Aren’t they wonderful ingredients?!
Ewww this smells funny!
 And feels yucky and squelchy
Dino Boy told me *smile*
We turned the dough into flattened circles…
…popped a dinosaur inside
and turned them into eggs!

We baked them for a couple of hours at 100°C (around 210°F)
Before hunting from them in the garden *smile*
Happy baking?!