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Sleeping in

A stolen hour or half hour of sleep on the weekend is delicious.

I’ve never been much of a morning person and luckily (touch wood) my kids tend to wake up around 7.30. I can cope with that. But on the weekend I still love a sleep in.

To help grab a few more winks I often leave out some craft materials or invitation to play for the kids to discover in the morning. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. But on the mornings it does I feel super lucky.

And some mornings I hear my son helping his sister with breakfast and even getting dressed. She can do these things herself, but still likes us to help her, so I am very appreciative that he does this.

The outfits they may chose might be rather different ~ she has a bit of a shorts over leggings thing going on right now! Or they may stay in pyjamas half the day {with ‘weapons’ tucked down their tops}…

And the house may feel more ‘well played in’ when I get up, but this is a small thing when I get those stolen winks.

How do you manage to grab some extra sleep?

Happy days

I have a new camera

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about writing here again. In fact, I am forever writing little pieces to share in my mind, as I go about my day. Just finding the time to put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard has taken a little longer.

The other thing that was holding me back was my camera. Or lack of camera.

I used to have a great little ‘point and click’ camera but it broke. The one I got to replace it just didn’t capture moments in the same way. And although I love my iphone for my Instagram pics, they don’t show as nicely here.

So I’ve invested in a wonderful camera. A Canon 700D with 50mm lens {on the advice of many lovely friends! Thank you all}. And I have to say I am thrilled with this camera! I’ve hardly put it down since it arrived a few days ago.

Now I’m able to start taking the kind of photographs I’d love to, and I already love what I’ve worked out *grin*

Happy days,