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My parenting mantras

I strive to be worthy of imitation

I’ve been losing my temper lately. And can feel stuck in an angry or sad mood. I don’t like that I am feeling this way. But sometimes I find it hard to shift my thinking.

I’ve been thinking about what I could do, to help myself. Something that helps bring me back to how I want to parent. How I want to behave. How I want to be.

I am a respectful and gentle parent

Mantras tend to work for me.

So I have prepared three. To meditate on in the morning, while I eat my breakfast. And to return to during the day when I feel the need.

I am warm calm and purposeful

And I thought I would share them here, in case I am not alone in this.

What are your parenting mantras?

Blessings, Kelly

Setting the mood of our home

I set the mood of our home.
If I am cranky, everyone is cranky. If I am content, everyone is content. Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as this, but I do seem to set the underlying mood of our home. Meaning I can create a harmonious home or set it to chaos! It almost feels like I have a super power. One I must wield very carefully!  Maybe this is the real meaning of Super Mum!?

A few weekends ago, I saw the effects of my power very clearly. I woke up fine and cheerful. I made pancakes (it was pancake day after all). Then bub needed a breastfeed, so off we went to a more comfortable chair to relax while he drank. When I got up again, I went to tidy up the kitchen but as I passed the dining table I noticed that everyone had left their plates there! My temper quickly flared – I was not the household maid!

A few more incidents along these lines occurred, ones that I could have easily turned around with some guidance and by letting my children follow my lead. Instead I let myself get more and more entrenched in cranky-land. And by the end of the day everyone was in tears (well not my husband, but everyone else!).

So I have decided to catch myself before I get into this downward spiral.

Setting a daily intention is helping me be mindful about the mood I set for the day. And when I feel myself getting cranky I try to talk with kindness, ask my husband for help and use the moment to teach my children. Getting us all outside to ride bikes or play also helps. But sometimes I might need to just take a moment to myself to clear my head or walk around the block!

Most of all I am learning to be kind to myself.

Blessings, Kelly