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Giant height ruler

I remember fondly how my Grandma often checked how much the grandkids had grown. The skirting around her kitchen door was the ‘height ruler’ and we would all happily take our turn to see who was the tallest.

{I used pine, some rulers and permanent markers}

When Grandma moved house the ‘height ruler’ moved with her *smile*  It now happily sits in the kitchen at their new home at Nowhere Creek (and isn’t that the most fabulous name for a place ever!!).

{getting ready to stain the ruler}

So when I came across this height ruler at 517 Creations back in September I knew I had to make one for us *smile*  Although for some reason it’s taken me about 6 months to do it! When really it could have been done in a few days…

{finally… ready for action!}

Mind you, I did have to start over after getting distracted and writing the same number twice in permanent marker on the wood – d’oh! Anyway, we turned it over and started again.

And finally it’s finished and ready to record my little ones’ growth.

Joining in with Keep Calm Craft On at Frontier Dreams.

Happy crafting, Kelly