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Knitted Farm Swap

Knitted farm

I’ve come to really love making toys for my children.

And I like to imagine that the love I feel for my children ~ as well as the process of creation infuses the toys with love.
So when my good friend Carrie from Crafty Moms Share invited people to join a knitted farm swap, I simply could not resist!
Each of us knit ten squares ~ my square of choice was the knitted garden. We followed the instructions from Living Crafts {Winter 2008 & Winter 2009}.
After our squares were finished we exchanged them through Carrie, ending up with lovely fields of wheat, corn and oats.
A plowed field and veggie patch, as well as paddocks for sheep, horses and pigs.
And what would a farm be without a pond *smile*
Next I made some other squares, a path and a stream to bring it all together.
Oh, and of course the animals! Some horses, pigs, sheep, ducks and even a sneaky fox!
I also received some gorgeously crafted fences from Organic Kinder {do visit their lovely Etsy shop ~ so many beautifully handcrafted items!}.
And now my children have a beautiful knitted farm set that is a patch work of creations from people all over the world!
How lucky they are!


A true heirloom piece ~ thank you lovely friends for helping create this wonderful gift.


Mini knitted farm

Knitting up this little farm over Winter has been lovely…
It is such a snuggly craft to enjoy *smile*
And knowing that a wee bub will soon be enjoying it makes me happy
Thinking up the little details… like needle felted carrots and lettuces was such fun 
And I couldn’t resist adding some ripples to the pond *smile* 
I was inspired by patterns from the Living Crafts Magazine {what a great mag!}
Now I can’t wait to start putting one together for Dino Boy and Little Miss Q!
Happy crafting, Kelly