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Knitted leprechauns {a tutorial}

Ah, wee little leprechauns (said of course in an Irish accent)! Do they look somewhat familiar? That’s because I’ve adapted the wonderful knitting pattern from Wee Folk Art’s basic gnome.
Here are the leprechaun modifications (for great instructions on each step check out Wee Folk Art!)

Leaving a long tail of wool, cast on 10 stitches in black ~ for his boots.
Knit 2 rows.
Change to green wool and knit 8 rows.
Don’t cast off, but do cut the wool.
Do the same thing for the second leg.

Slide the legs together and knit across to join them, creating the body.
Knit 5 rows.
Using black wool knit 2 rows (for his belt ~ you could get fancy and use some yellow for a buckle too if you want).
Change back to green wool and knit 8 rows.

Switch to white or cream wool and work in stockinette stitch (knit a row, purl a row) for 10 rows.
Don’t cast off – instead use a wool needle to draw the wool through the stitches (you will pull this tight to make the head later).

Cast on 24 stitches in green.
Knit for 8 rows.
Knit 2 together at the start and end of the next 3 odd rows.
Change to black wool and knit 2 together at each end.
Knit the even row also in black.
Switch back to green wool and knit 4 rows.
Again, instead of casting off, use a wool needle to draw the wool through the stitches so you can pull the hat closed later.

To make up the leprechaun follow the instructions on Wee Folk Art. 
Next add a red beard because what leprechaun would be complete without one! Use a wool needle to draw the wool through and tie off as you go. Trim to shape 🙂

So other than making wee little leprechauns, I’ve been reading Baking Bread with Children by Warren Lee Cohen.

I’m yet to try any of the recipes, but there are some great ones in there. And I love the stories and songs provided that you can use before, during or after bread making. I read one to Master D today before we made corn bread (more about that tomorrow), and it was great to set the bread baking mood.

Joining Ginny and the gang for another Yarn Along 🙂

Warmly, Kelly