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Ball run fun!

When craft day arrived a few weeks ago and I didn’t have anything planned Master D and I jumped on Pinterest *smile*

We browsed through the collaborative board, A Toddler’s World, that Jode from Mummy Musings & Mayhem started, until Master D spotted this pin of a ball run from A Happy Wanderer.

                                                               Source: via Kelly on Pinterest
And with such excitement asked, ‘Oh Mum! Can we make that?!
So we collected a pile of ‘one day possible crafting items’ (I’m sure lots of us have a collection like this!), together with the hot glue gun and some tape.

We decided to use the styrofoam corners to start our runs off. Once we hot glued them into place we rolled a marble off them to see where we should place the next bit of our run *smile* 

 We continued on in this fashion, of gluing on and testing until our run was complete.

Along the way Little Miss Q had fun throwing our supplies around and laughing at our efforts {cheeky girl!}

But I have to admit that playing with our ball run is a bit addictive! We’ve tested it out with wooden beads, marbles and bouncy balls. And we’ve played with the angle of the ball run itself ~ all with different results!

Even the Wookie dog is interested in this activity and tries to catch the balls at the end *smile*

Happy crafting, Kelly

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