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Hot melting pots

The other day I warmed some terracotta pots in the oven…
…just warm enough so they would hold their heat for a while
The pots were then placed on a cooling rack and taken to the table…
…at the table I had laid out some newspaper {just in case} and had crayons at the ready!

 I explained to Dino Boy that the pots were hot and to just touch the crayons to them lightly
{and not to touch the pots with little hands!}

He was so very careful… 
…and enjoyed melting the crayons onto the pots… creating patterns and marks

Little Miss Q on the other hand went for the typical crayon in the mouth approach *smile*
…although she did make some marks on some cardboard
{she will have to wait until she is bigger to try out the hot melting pots!}

We might try this using metal like Still parenting
Or hot rocks like Having Fun at Home
Isn’t it fun to ‘paint’ in different ways *smile*
Happy painting, Kelly