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I have a new camera

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about writing here again. In fact, I am forever writing little pieces to share in my mind, as I go about my day. Just finding the time to put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard has taken a little longer.

The other thing that was holding me back was my camera. Or lack of camera.

I used to have a great little ‘point and click’ camera but it broke. The one I got to replace it just didn’t capture moments in the same way. And although I love my iphone for my Instagram pics, they don’t show as nicely here.

So I’ve invested in a wonderful camera. A Canon 700D with 50mm lens {on the advice of many lovely friends! Thank you all}. And I have to say I am thrilled with this camera! I’ve hardly put it down since it arrived a few days ago.

Now I’m able to start taking the kind of photographs I’d love to, and I already love what I’ve worked out *grin*

Happy days,

The foot files

Like most mothers I always have my camera close at hand. I want to be able to capture magical moments during my kids’ childhood. A while ago Master D (3) turned the tables and started taking the photos. After a quick lesson on using my camera he was happily snapping away and hasn’t stopped since.

Looking over his photos is always great fun. I’m constantly amazed at what he captures from his perspective. Photos looking up into the kitchen, the dining table, photos of me, his toys and, most consistently – his feet!

I don’t know why, but each time he is handed the camera at least one foot shot turns up. I’ve started keeping a ‘foot file’ of his cute lil feet. Check them out 🙂

I’ve even caught the feet photo bug and have taken some of Little Miss Q (in her super cute shoes):

Thanks for reading, Kelly