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Spring play dough

Natural play dough {no colour, no scent} wrapped in pretty wool and placed on a board scattered with Spring blossom. Because making things look pretty is fun *smile*

Mind you, it looked like this for as long as it took to take these photos! Then the kids were rolling it, cutting it and making it into pizzas.

I was inspired to make Spring play dough by Learning4Kids ~ they made Spring scented play dough.

Isn’t play dough adaptable and wonderful! And we love to incorporate appreciation for the seasons in our crafting and play.

The next day, to mix it up, the kids coloured their dough. And despite my efforts to avoid blue is for boys and pink is for girls… that is what they chose! It wasn’t long though until we had purple *laugh*

Happy Spring,

Playdough pattern play

More and more now
my children follow their own path in crafts and creativity
And it is such a wonderful thing to see…
them exploring materials in their own way
without prompts or suggestion

Like the other day, 
when I finished washing the dishes and came upon
…playdough and beads *grin*

oh… and pencils *laughing*
Happy days,