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Postcard Pen Pals

Master D has always enjoyed checking the mail. As soon as he hears the postie he yells out ‘mail!’ and out we run to see what has arrived.

But now that he has 2 pen pals – Hazel (who’s mom blogs at Crafty Moms Share) and The Goblin (who’s mum blogs at Taming the Goblin) – he loves checking the mail!

Just recently he received this wonderful postcard of a double decker bus from The Goblin. Everyone who has visited since has been shown ‘his bus’ 🙂

And soon afterwards he was very excited to receive a parcel from Hazel. With a lovely postcard and a fun elf made by Hazel. As soon as he saw it he told me he loved it’s hat!

And before I had hit ‘publish’ on this post another parcel arrived, with this fantastic dragon made by Hazel’s mom (we exchanged Christmas presents for the kids). Master D thinks it is wonderful!

I love that he has pen pals too. Each time we send them mail, or receive it, he gets out our globe and wants to see where they live and talk about the world.

So if your kids would love a pen pal… shoot me an email to letting me know which part of the world you live in and their age and I will try to pair them up 🙂

Happy postcard writing, Kelly

A postcard for Hazel

Isn’t it lovely to receive a letter or postcard in the mail 🙂 sure beats bills, and is sweeter than an email. My lucky lad, Master D is exchanging a postcard with Hazel who lives in the USA. Hazel’s mom blogs at Crafty Moms Share.

Master D and I had a lovely outing to choose the postcard – one with some Australian animals and a picture of our capital city, Canberra. Then we chatted about what he would like to write (of course I’m doing the actual writing ;-)).

And today we went to the post office to send it – we hope Hazel likes it 🙂 And we’re going to be excitedly checking our mail too!

Warm wishes, Kelly