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For the Easter Basket…

 I’ve been a busy bee (or bunny?). 
Crafting away when the kids aren’t looking 😉 
Making little surprises for their Easter basket.

~ inspired by this pattern ~ different because I wrote the pattern down wrong! ~
 An Easter basket is a new concept for me. 
As a kid we always received one chocolate bunny and one humpty dumpty egg chocolate. 

~ a bunny for Little Miss Q & a dinosaur for Master D ~
Although I vividly recall one Easter when I received a garden gnome! 
My mum had decided to reduce the chocolate intake and suggested that my Nana gift something different. And different it was! Funnily, I now love gnomes, I wonder if that Easter gnome led to this love??

~ the other side ~
We also received a wonderful parcel today from the lovely Nicole from My Rhythm and Rhyme in Motherhood. A couple of the goodies from the parcel will be in the Easter basket… (I managed to whisk them away sight unseen!)
~ made by Nicole ~
Thank you Nicole x (I’ll post more about the wonderful parcel later)
~ I made these cuties following this lovely pattern ~
 I can’t wait to see my little ones’ faces when they see their Easter basket!!

Joining in (late) with Keep Calm Craft On at Frontier Dreams

Warmly, Kelly

Flower Gnomes

I love gnomes! It wasn’t until I was chatting to a friend about what I’d been making that I realised how much. I told her I’d been making gnomes (of course), and she said with kind, amused forbearance ‘you and your gnomes’. So there we have it!

And now for the introductions… flower gnomes and baby gnome with pet rabbit…

The gnomes and their homes (hee hee)…

Gnomes with sleeping bags…

And finally, a needle felted gnome. I know her blue face is a bit different, but it just felt right 😉

Hope you’re enjoying your week, Kelly