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Children’s Spring Reading Basket

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Spring is such a magical time of year.

It always feels so full of promise and possibilities. For me, with each Spring comes personal reawakening, together with a desire to get outside! And since we are experiencing our first Spring in our new home we are watching our garden with great anticipation. Discovering bulbs and the colour of our magnolia {white pink}.

And with the changing of the season we are also changing the books in our reading basket. Our Spring book collection has grown this year to include some lovely new stories. And I am excited to share them with you!

Books in our Spring reading basket

How Robin Saved Spring
Debbie Ouellet

My lovely friend Carrie from Crafty Moms Share sent this book to us, as she enjoys reading it with her daughter. And we love it too! The personification of the seasons as Lady Winter and Sister Spring to tell the story of a lingering Winter works well. My son loves how each of the animals attempt to wake Sister Spring and the imaginative explanations of why they have spots or sleep through the Winter.

Flower Fairies of the Spring
Cicely Mary Barker

A lovely book of Spring poetry paired with illustrations of Spring flower fairies. From the joyful Song of the Crocus Fairies to the sweet Song of the Daisy Fairy the season is celebrated and explored in this wonderfully whimsical way. We enjoy dipping into this book when the mood takes us.

Gerda Muller

This board book is my daughter’s favourite, with wonderful illustrations of Spring without text. She enjoys talking to me about what she sees in the pages, as a change from being read to. Such an innocent and sweet book with lovely illustrations of lambs, poppies and rainbows.

My Little World
Julia Cooke and Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

This is a wonderful story about the little things in nature that children may be more likely to notice than grown ups. The insects and bugs, plants and things at their eye level. This is a favourite here because it is also based not far from home.

The Story of the Root Children
Sibylle von Olfers

This classic ‘Waldorf’ story is about the reawakening of the Earth after Winter. With the root children waking up, sewing new clothes and emerging to play and frolic in the fields and water. The illustrations are whimsically beautiful and draw us in. Although I do enjoy this story, I do wonder if some of the magic of the story may have been lost in translation.

In the Land of Fairies
Daniela Drescher

Follow the seasons of the year with the fairies and how they interact with the animals, insects and flowers. My children enjoy discovering new things in the illustrations as we read this sweet story.

What are your favourite Spring books?

For more Spring reading inspiration pop over to My Little Bookcase!

Happy reading,

Children’s Summer reading basket

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Our Summer reading basket is full of beautiful books to complement the season and the Australian landscape.

Summer for us is usually bright blue skies, long grasses washed to a yellow-white colour and a blazing sun. And although we have had some soaringly hot days this year (up into the 40s), we’ve also enjoyed wonderful storms bringing cooling relief, with weeks of more gentle temperatures (in the early 20s).

My children love exploring our reading basket each time it is changed. The books I make available follow the seasons and festivals of the year, helping us maintain a rhythm to our days.

Books in our Summer reading basket

Rules of Summer

by Shaun Tan

A new book for Max, about the rules children make up for their games through Summer. An intriguing book to spark the imagination, filled with illustrations of Summer landscapes.

Max is really rather taken with this story and with puzzling out the rules!

All Through the Year
by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

Follow an Australian family through their year. Long days in January at the beach, cooling air in March as the leaves turn colour, and the shortest day and longest night in June. This book relates the seasons to our part of the world with whimsical illustrations and a lovely rhythm.

A lovely story that could be added to any seasonal reading basket.

A Year On Our Farm
by Penny Matthews and Andrew McLean

Nature and the seasons are explored through an Australian family’s life on a farm is this lovely story. With little bits of humour to capture the imagination.

This is one of Max’ favourite stories, and again could be added to any seasonal reading basket.

Today we have No Plans
by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

A book that takes us through what can be a busy family week, ending with a wonderfully amazing day in which there are no plans!

To us, Summer is like a day with no plans ~ as it stretches on, people are more relaxed and days less structured.

Pip the Gnome
by Admar Kwant

This simple board book takes us through the seasons with Pip the Gnome. We meet his friends the robin in Summer and a wren in Winter. This book is not based in Australia, but translates well because it does not anchor the seasons to the months of the Northern Hemisphere.

It is one of Ruby’s favourites, and a good bedtime read.

Two Summers
by John Heffernan and Freya Blackwood

This story contrasts two Summers on the farm, when a friend, Rick visits. One year they play in the dam and help with the animals. The following Summer there is a drought and things are tough.

Many parts of Australia are in drought and this story nicely illustrates the impact.

Many of these enjoyable books were recommended by my friend Jackie from My Little Bookcase. I find it rather hard to resist the books she recommends! Pop on over to see for yourself *grin*

What books do you have in your Summer reading basket?

Happy reading,