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Winter knitting & thinking

This Winter I have been very introspective

An inside creature…
keeping warm, knitting, reading, thinking

Winter lends itself to a time like this, I think.

And it is interesting how the different seasons impact my mood


There have also been many hot chocolates
cozy chats with friends, and knitting *grin*
Knitting is the perfect Winter craft isn’t it?
The warm wool in your hands as your can sit and create

For Dino Boy I knitted up some simple fingerless gloves

I was inspired by a beautiful pair a good friend made for me

And now I have two projects on the go…

~ a knitted dress of Little Miss Q {a rich blue}
~ a birthday vest for Dino Boy {using lovely Noro yarn}




I’ll share some more as I finish these projects
Have you been knitting? What are your inspirations?
Happily knitting, Kelly