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Ribbon wands

When I was little my great auntie came to visit and gave me some beautiful ribbon. For some reason I’ve always remembered the ribbon and how pretty it was. I think this is partly why I love ribbon wands so much – they are ribbon magic!

To make Little Miss Q one I cut some dowel to around 20 cm, sanded it until it was smooth and then ‘drilled’ a hole in the end (I just used a drill bit and twisted it by hand). Next I screwed in a hook before threading on a key ring, together with a bell.

For the ribbon I chose 4 colours and cut them to around 50 cm. I lightly singed the ends to stop them from fraying. Then I tied them onto the key ring tightly. For Master D I made a longer one – the dowel was around 30 cm and the ribbon was about 90 cm.

We love playing with them outside in the wind 🙂 (ok, I love playing with them outside in the wind – although I’m pretty sure the kids do too!).

Thanks for reading, Kelly