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A ribbon dream catcher


My nana has one of the most amazing craft supply stashes. And every now and again she has a clean out, and I become the lucky recipient of some lovely bits and bobs.
From one of these clean outs, I ended up with bags of ribbon…. and it has been sitting around calling out to be made into something *grin*
So when the kiddos and I went to our craft shop the other day, we picked up some lovely wooden rings and twine. Then using some wonderful pinspiration {ok, that is a totally made up word but I’m going with it} I started to craft some ribbon dream catchers!

For the web effect in the middle, I followed this great tutorial from The Serendipity, just adding some pretty clear beads as I went… to catch the sunlight and add a touch of whimsy.

Then came the ribbon ~  in beautiful blues, reds, white and cream, together with vintage floral. Strand upon strand, aiming for a full and pretty look…

And before I knew it, we were ready to catch Little Miss Q’s dreams… pretty huh *grin*

Happy crafting,