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Our low media home

screen free playsilk

For years I thought about going screen free.

But to be honest, I was scared to do it. Would it mean I *never* got a moment to myself again

{and such moments were few and far between already!}

screen free drawing

The start of this year presented a new opportunity though. Ruby was about to start Waldorf preschool and Max was going into Grade 2.

Jason and I talked about how the year was going to go, and I just threw it out there

What if we go screen free? Or at least television free?

And without any need to really discuss why we would do this, Jason said

Let’s do it.

playing with th efoxes

And so we did.

This means that during the week there are no children’s television shows. And there are no movies for the children.

screen free wooden toys

We still watch a family movie on Saturday night ~ movie night! Because this is part of our family time.

We are making memories watching these fun movies together, while we eat popcorn and homemade pizza! {maybe in the other order *wink*}

And Jason and I still watch a show or two after the kids are in bed.

screen free

An exception I have found that works for us is when the children are sick.

When they are sick we do allow screen time. I feel like it is almost the only way I can get them to rest! To be still.

And we are comfortable with this compromise {and we know it won’t be right for all families}

screen free play

So how did the children respond to the change?

I was A-M-A-Z-E-D. They simply accepted it.

I think this shows the value of a clear boundary {mind you, this doesn’t always work!}

Once we told them what our new screen rules were, that was it, that was what we do.

screen free playing

Now I wish we’d tried this years ago.

It makes for a much more peaceful home. The children transition from school to home by having a snack, drawing, looking at books. And playing.

screen free reading

Funny isn’t it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared our approach to letting the children watch television.

And now, here we are *grin*

screen free toys

You can read what Steiner said about television here. And about the impact of television on child development here.

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Happy days, Kelly




We watch television

My kids enjoy watching television. So do my husband and I. And we have finally reached a comfortable level of television time for our family.

But it would be fair to say that until this year, managing and minimising screen time was a challenge for me. Somehow my husband and I had reached a point {before children} that the tv was often on… whether or not we were watching it.

When Dino Boy arrived, I started consciously turning the tv off more and more. But totally restricting it was not something I had even contemplated.

Then we discovered Waldorf. Waldorf education discourages the use of screens for younger children as they inhibit imagination and impact children’s development.

My husband and I have now consciously decided that being totally screen free isn’t right for us {although who knows what the future might hold} We have decided however to allow our children to watch limited, carefully chosen tv shows and to enjoy a family movie night once a week. We usually make homemade pizza on movie night too!

We want to teach our kids to make good choices about screens, but also be able to understand and identify with other kids… given tv is part of our society.

So it is about balance… and trying to get it right

But it has still taken quite some time for us to reach our comfortable level. We tried screen free periods but it didn’t feel sustainable or right for us. And we tried different levels of television watching before finally reaching the level that works for us.

So I guess you might like to know what our ‘comfortable level’ is right? Well it is around 45 minutes a day. And although this works for us, we understand other families will find different levels they are comfortable with.

I let the children choose two shows they would like to watch for the day. They choose from a selection I have recorded. At the moment my daughter loves Stella and Sam (it is very sweet), while my son loves Dinosaur Train or Peter Rabbit. The kids also choose when they watch their shows (within reason). This helps us manage television watching, and they accept that once they have watched their shows that is it.

Since finding our happy level:

  • the less they watch, the less they want to watch
  • their play has deepened
  • their behaviour has improved

And I am a happier mum!

How do you manage screens in your home?
Here is an article from the Golden Gleam that helped me
Warmly, Kelly