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After school activities can wait

Sparkle stories and playing  This is a sponsored post

When Max and Ruby arrive home after school they are tired.

They need time to decompress after their lovely full days at our wonderful Waldorf school.

And at their ages (4 and 7), I have found they do better without organised activities after school.

And I remind myself, we have many years ahead in which they can explore the many and varied activities available for children. 

Sparkle stories and puppet show

And so for now, we come home.

We rest. We rejuvenate. And they play.

And while they play, they listen to Sparkle Stories {see the smart phone in the photo? It is playing the audio stories, but is locked from any other use}

Max listening to sparkle stories

Sparkle Stories are lovely Waldorf inspired stories ~ filled with wonder, whimsy and adventure {which is just right for their ages}.

Max loves listening to Martin & Sylvia, as well as the Willowbee Tree.

We have heard tales of Martin & Sylvia visiting Grandma’s House {which was a great one for a car trip!} and anticipated Christmas with them *grin*

Max building

My children identify with the three children from the Willowbee Tree *smile*

Max smiles as he hears about Piper (the eldest Willowbee) being bold and adventurous.

He laughs to hear about Little Ty, who like Teddy, seems able to find anything that has been lost {really it is a rather remarkable similarity!}

Ruby with playsilks Sparkle stories

While Ruby adores the stories about the magical fairies, wood elves and fire sprites in ‘So Many Fairies‘.

We listen to Sparkle Stories to match the seasons

So last week we enjoyed listening to ‘The Tree that Surprised the Wind’, which is perfect as we watch the leaves change colour and start to fall.

I love that we can choose stories to help build toward seasonal festivals, or stories that help us work through challenging behaviour *grin*

And so, while the children play, they listen.

And in their minds they go on great and small adventures.

At the moment you can meet Martin & Sylvia and all the other Sparkle Stories’ characters with a Free 10-Day Trial!

Blessings, Kelly