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Shadows in the Woods


This post is sponsored by Dragonfly Toys

Shadows in the Woods is a magical board game of hide and seek. The woods are created using jigsaw type board pieces and wooden trees.

One player lights the candle to place on a circle on the board. Then they cover their eyes while little gnomes are hidden in the nooks of wooden trees by the other players.


The dice is rolled and the candle is carefully pushed along the path.

If the light from the candle reaches a gnome it is frozen in place. While those gnomes hiding in the shadows remain safe.


Each turn, the players have a chance to hide their gnomes anew. They can also place their gnomes near a frozen gnome to bring it back into the game.

This is a magical game to play in the near dark, allowing the candlelight to seek the gnomes.


Max is all about board games at the moment. He loves them! And Shadows in the Woods has become a firm favourite.

It is perfect for dark Winter nights, or any night where the room can be darkened nicely.


Our only challenge is getting Teddy to stop blowing out the beautiful Queen B candles!

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Audio stories for long car trips

The Story Tree and other nature tales with storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong

This is a sponsored post

We recently drove for 8 hours to visit family. Such a long drive for our little people – let alone my husband and me. And the way we stayed sane was with audio stories.

A few hours whizzed by as we listened to The Story Tree. And as Jenni Cargill-Strong spun her tales the stories came to life in my minds’ eye. I pictured the children sneaking into Lily’s garden to help themselves to some delicious strawberries in ‘Lily and the Fig Tree’. A lovely story about learning to do the right thing, the importance of friendship and the rewards of caring for nature.

Reaching for the Moon and other wisdom tales with storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong

While my son loved the aboriginal story of ‘Kondili the Whale’ about the gift of fire. Really my boy seems drawn to any stories about fire! But he also really enjoyed learning about green tree frogs in ‘Froko and Lettuce’. About a little frog who became part of a human family, and how he nearly met a not so happy end!


The romantic whimsy of The Mermaid’s Shoes captured my daughter’s fancy. I could see her imagining herself as a mermaid in the deep blue sea, drawn to the human world by the call of music and dance.

I also really enjoyed the story of the ‘Treasure on the Bridge’, a traditional Japanese story about searching for something that you find was near you all along, but that cannot be found without the journey you take in order to find it. I’m always drawn to stories like this one!


And we all laughed along to The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate! Although my lad most certainly had the most fun with these, they did bring a smile to us all *grin*

On the trip home he even wanted to listen to them all again. It’s amazing how kids love to hear the same story over and over. And normally I am very happy to oblige them, but this time in the car we had lots of options so we just kept mixing it up.

Do you use audio stories? What are your favourites?

Happy listening, Kelly