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In my first post for this series ~ How to bring Waldorf into your home… I mentioned that I’ve spent hours seeking out Waldorf blogs.

I’ve sought out these blogs because I wanted to know more about Waldorf. I wanted to know how families incorporated Waldorf into their days, I wanted to find craft ideas & patterns, and I wanted to find inspiration.

And I wasn’t disappointed!

So I thought I would share my reading list with you all… Now this is not a complete list, but rather those blogs that I go back to time and again.

The Magic Onions

This is where it started for me, and a great starting place it was.
Donni’s series Discovering Waldorf is very informative,
and I love finding inspiration at each Friday’s Nature Table.

Beneath the Rowan Tree

Another original favourite, here I discovered about the magic of play silks and other Waldorf toys.

And found craft ideas for Dino Boy and I.

Anna Branford
The most amazingly beautiful crafts you will ever see.
Anna also writes wonderful children’s books {which I am rather partial to myself}

Hinterland Mama

Aleta’s lovely space spoke to me straight away.
I love the way she shares glimpses of her family’s Waldorf lifestyle, beautiful crafting, and scrumptious baking.

Chocolate Eyes

Becca writes from the heart about homeschooling her boys, gardening and crafting.
It was finding Becca’s family rhythm that inspired me to create our own pictorial rhythm.

Frontier Dreams

How sweet this family is, and I adore reading what they share about their days…
whether it be Waldorf homeschooling, small town life or beautiful crafts

Doting on Deirdre

Reading about Nicole’s family rhythm,
the crafts they do and the books they enjoy brightens my day *grin*

Bare Feet & a Free Spirit

Karen shares about her Waldorf family daycare and her beautiful knitting,

I always feel like an ocean breeze comes through her blog to me

We Bloom Here

Margaret Bloom is the Queen of the Peg Dolls! Need I say more *grin*

Bending Birches

Reading Bending Birches is like submerging yourself in a beautiful daydream
Rebecca’s approach to her Waldorf inspired childcare is inspiring

This one is a little different, it is an inspiring quarterly magazine full to bursting,
with crafts, stories, recipes and other ideas

At the Butterfly Ball

Such a sweet and adventurous Waldorf inspired family

and Rachel’s creations are so pretty!

What is education?

Steve is a Waldorf teacher who challenges readers to reexamine Steiner’s work

and check assumptions.


In reading back over my list, it strikes me that I feel like I know many of these wonderfully inspiring bloggers, despite having never met any of them in person! Amazing wouldn’t you say *smile*
But I can’t resist sharing some more! There are so many others I enjoy visiting…
I will also be featuring my favourites from the Southern Hemisphere soon!

~ A Soulful Life
~ How the Sun Rose
~ Love in the Suburbs
~ Made by Joey
~ Small Things
~ The Serendipity
~ Twig and Toadstool
~ Wabi-Sabi Wanderings
~ Wee Folk Art

Now, I’d love to hear from you…
What are your favourite Waldorf blogs? And what do you like about them?

Warmly, Kelly

This post was part of the series
How to bring Waldorf into your home…’
by Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts

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