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Secondhand Waldorf toys


Some of our favourite Waldorf toys are secondhand or repurposed. And thank goodness, because Waldorf toys can be expensive!

Over four years we have slowly created our ‘Waldorf home’, shifting from loud and bright plastic toys to beautiful wooden and natural toys. And I am so thankful for the shift. Not only do they create a more beautiful environment, but the children play differently too.

play oven

Their play is deeper, more imaginative, and the noise is of their own making rather than from pressing buttons. Before we made these changes they would simply tip out the toy basket to see what was in there, making a huge mess and quickly losing interest. Our littlest does still think tipping out the smaller baskets is fun at times, but it is not the way they play anymore.

Our toys are presented differently and I think this helps.

They are now all visible in secondhand baskets (op shops are the best place to find these), displayed on our Waldorf playstands (also second hand from Gumtree and what a happy find that was). Or part of our play kitchen area which is always ready for play (including our repurposed heater which is now an oven).

doll house puzzel

We have more loose parts for them to create and play with. Playsilks, sticks, and lots and lots of blocks.

Loose parts are brilliant because the children decide what they are.

They can be used for building all sorts of things and as the children grow their building grows with them. My son who is now 7 still plays with blocks more than any other toy. He makes spaceships, rockets, elaborate towers and castles. While my daughter makes fairy house after fairy house *grin*

Waldorf doll

Some of our beautiful Waldorf dolls are also secondhand. Found through Waldorf buy sell swap groups and much less than buying new. Our wooden doll house puzzle was also found through one of these groups.

And the other brilliant place for finding things is at the tip shop! Yes, seriously, the tip shop! Our gorgeous rocking horse was an absolute bargain from the tip shop. He just needed a very good clean.

rocking horse

And of course, many Waldorf toys can be found in nature or handmade.

Where is your favourite place to find secondhand Waldorf toys?

Happy playing, Kelly



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