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Waldorf inspired playgroup

Preparing for playgroup

playgroup preparations

I always get a little anxious just before our Waldorf inspired playgroup kicks off again.

Getting organised seems to help. Making sure I have all the things I need. Writing lists of anything that needs doing (like changing the angle of the slide! Remembering to give Wookie dog a little morning outing down the side of the house).

chopping boards

bread dough

Making sure I have the bowls, cups, chopping boards at the ready. Checking I have enough spelt flour, honey, olive oil…

Do I have a good variety of tea for different tastes? {I adore this Chai}


chai tea

Is the house tidy and ready for visitors? Will people feel comfortable? {I thank my mum for my good dose of house pride, not a bad thing *wink*}

What will we sing? Does our wonderful storyteller need any props for our story? Little animals, trees or the like.


toys for playgroup

Then I like to ponder about the families that are coming to join us.

Will this be their first experience of a Waldorf inspired playgroup? Or have they been to others? How old are the children and how many will be joining us?

I like to mediate on how I would like the morning to go. How I would like to create a warm and nurturing space. Where mums can connect, while watching and guiding their little ones.

doll corner

farm play mat

And then the morning happens.

And at the end, as everyone leaves I take a deep breath and think well that was lovely before I tidy away the bowls, the cups, the chopping boards… *smile*

Blessings, Kelly