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Waldorf Winter festival

A Waldorf Winter Festival

Waldorf Lantern Walk

In early Winter our Steiner school celebrated our Winter Festival.


Winter festival

The children, all rugged up, waited patiently while the sun started to set. And as the sun went down the light of the shining lanterns seemed to blossom through the grounds.

A lantern walk

Lantern Walk

The children silently walked in procession towards a large grass area where two giant spirals enticed them to twist and turn through. Lanterns of many colours, sizes and styles were held ~ owls, castles and boats to name a few.

A beautiful Winter story of community, unity, friendship and trust was told. With each class having a part to play. And as my son’s class sang their lovely piece my heart swelled.

Owl lanterns

Fire sticks

When the story was all told out, a dance of fire and trust took place. Many a breath was held as they circled with their fire sticks. A mesmerising and powerful dance of trust it was.

Of all the wonderful Waldorf festivals, the Winter Festival is the most beautiful to behold.

Blessings, Kelly