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Winter spiral

A Winter lantern walk


Playgroup last week was extra special.

The children excitedly held their lanterns and walked through our playsilk spiral to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Some of the children held lanterns they had made themselves, while others held lanterns made for them. The warming flames held their attention, as one of the playgroup mums sang to lead them through the spiral, twisting and turning through.


My plan had been to use leaves to make a more traditional spiral. On the day though I placed colourful playsilks instead, making a pretty silk spiral that was interspersed with candles and flowers. The spiral was actually made of two spirals, so the children could make their way through without having to leave the spiral the way they entered.

A spiral lantern walk is a traditional way many Steiner communities mark the Winter Solstice. It represents the inner aspects of the season, an introspection. While the lanterns represent hope, inner light and warmth. And as we spiral out we mirror nature with the days now becoming longer.

It was a beautiful morning!


And like many things in life, our playgroup has changed and evolved since my friend and I started it. Playgroup is now held in my home (my lovely friend has moved far away!). With the changed surroundings our rhythm has also shifted.

knitted farm1

We now start our mornings inside with the children playing with the play kitchen, balance board, blocks and dolls. And of course there is bread making ~ I’m not sure playgroup would feel the same without it (although when we go to the gardens we bake a cake and it is still lovely *grin*).

The children are really drawn to our bread making and their bread creations are becoming really wonderful. This week we had snails, butterflies and spirals. They all want to take part in making our morning tea whether it is cutting the fruit or buttering the warm bread.


Then outside we venture, the children running out to the cubby house and sandpit. Wanting to see if anything has changed since last time. We draw them close for morning tea by singing seasonal songs. After enjoying our bread and fruit they all venture off to play. In the mud kitchen, back to the cubby house or even a visit around the side to see the chickens *smile*


Our mornings still close with a beautiful puppet show. Such lovely mornings! Such a lovely way to start the week!

Warmly, Kelly

(and thank you to my lovely friend Kate for taking most of these photos, xx)