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Finger puppet fun

Listening to Master D play with his homemade finger puppets cracks me up. The other day his puppets were asking each other ‘are you naughty sometimes?’ to which another would answer (in a very serious voice) ‘ yes, sometimes’. LOL 🙂 Lucky for him (and his sometimes naughty finger puppets) they are super easy and fun to make.

Normally I have an animal in mind when I start – usually inspired by my wool scraps 🙂 Sometimes I sketch my idea to start me off (and I’m no artist as you can see):

Then I cast on around 12 stitches, before knitting about 18 rows of stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row, repeat) before casting off. When I cast off I leave a good length of wool attached (I use this to sew my little creature up at the end).

Next I cut out my felt features; nose, ears, tail or whatever is needed and sew them on to the wool rectangle, together with googly sew on eyes.

 Then I sew up the creature using the wool I left attached, trimming off any excess. 

Then it is ready for play!

Just be careful around any Wookie dogs (you can learn more about this ferocious animal in my post ‘This is us #1: Wookie‘)!


 Thanks for reading, Kelly