A plan and a play

I’ve spent many spare moments (spare moments?) looking at different knitting patterns, trying to decide what to make with my beautiful alpaca wool. I finally decided to try a (hopefully) simple pattern from one of my mum’s old books (I am still pretty much a newbie knitter after all!).

From my mum

So because I took so long looking at patterns, I really haven’t knitted much. I think I got maybe 4 rows done! I’m also a bit nervous using such beautiful wool – I want to do it justice!

This is it… I think…

I did manage however to read another chapter of Beyond the Rainbow Bridge. I like to take this one slowly, mull over the ideas and try them out. And I must say the suggestions really help! I’m also enjoying the unfolding story of A Clash of Kings. It is quite a thrilling read 🙂

But while I haven’t got much done this week on the knitting front, someone else at my house has been doing a lot with wool lately…

…making cobwebs

…using it as a monster costume…

…silly hair…

…pirate hair?!

…but most often, great big spiderwebs – eek!

He winds the wool round and round before placing his spider in the middle (it’s actually a Y2K bug – lol).

He loves his ball (*ahem* mess) of wool, so much so, that he was very concerned when his nana-ma offered to wind it up for me!

So, what are you knitting and reading? Or what funny items do your kids love playing with? Joining Ginny for her Yarn Along 🙂 And, Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On!

Warmly, Kelly

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