Walking in the rain

We’ve had a funny old start to Summer. Just before Christmas was mild and wet. We felt like walking so out we went – walking in the rain 🙂 To be fair, it was only drizzling, so we popped on our wet weather gear.

And because he was wearing gumboots Master D was allowed to jump in puddles – and jump in them he did! I lost count of how many 🙂

There were snails on the move because of the rain and Master D spotted them everywhere. He instructed me not to step on them. We also saw…

…lots of ants busily working

…squawking galahs that we disturbed into flight

…a circle of toadstools where the fairies must meet

…a ‘talking’ pine tree (or so Master D said)

And for some reason Master D was very interested in drains. So turns out I have lots of photos of them taken by him!

And finally, here he is just been a goose!

Happy days, Kelly

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