Tie Dye – Marker Style

Master D has had a growth spurt! Which is fantastic because I have been wanting to try out tie dye – marker style ~ inspired by Beneath the Rowan Tree.

So we ran out and got a couple of nice white t-shirts (and they were on sale too). Then we got straight into it  🙂 It feels rather wicked to draw on clothes with permanent markers doesn’t it! Master D seemed thrilled to do so (we did have a chat about not normally doing such things!).

We made mini ‘canvasses’ to ‘paint on’ by using jars and rubber bands

Next he sprayed rubbing alcohol on to the t-shirt and we watched the colours slip and slide.

After leaving the t-shirts for a couple of hours I washed them normally and hung them to dry.

Ta da!

Doesn’t he look proud as he shows his dad his new shirt!

Warmly, Kelly

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