Christmas traditions

At the moment I am reading about celebrating festivals as a family… in Heaven on Earth: a handbook for parents of young children by Sharifa Oppenheimer

And this message stood out to me…

‘For a young child, the preparation, the anticipation, the slow building towards the event is as important as the event itself’

Isn’t this the truth!

Although, I think this sentiment can extend beyond childhood… *smile*

When I think of my childhood Christmas celebrations… I can feel the excitement bubble up inside…
…as happy memories, but even more a feeling of happiness, come to the surface

And I want to share this magic and excitement with my children… the way my parents did with me*smile*

So in the build up to Christmas I have been sharing stories from my childhood Christmases.

…and my memories aren’t about the gifts I received…
it is about the warmth of family laughter… a shared meal and a sense of belonging

~ it is about family ~

And now that I have my own little family I hope to share this feeling with them

So in the slow build up of anticipation to Christmas we have…

♡ being reading Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers
♡ enjoyed classic Elvis Christmas carols
♡ hunted for the perfect tree

Warmly, Kelly


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