Plasticine creatures

Crafts kits don’t usually tempt me… 
…they seem to imply that the materials should be used in a particular way
and an end product
Although often you can pick up supplies this way at good prices
…and then discard the box and instructions!
But sometimes, I have to admit that what these kits can lead to is pretty awesome *smile*
The kids’ Nana-ma gave them a plasticine monster kit… 
It came with feet, hands, mouths, hats and the like… 
I’d actually forgotten about it… and rediscovered it during a clean out
I sat the items on the table…. And the kids went to town with it! 
They have had such a brilliant time… 
{I did discard the box before they saw it} 
but just look what they created!
I particularly love this green and blue fella
somehow he reminds me of a tree sprite *slightly silly smile*

Happy crafting

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